Separators: Gas /Liquid and Filtration, Centrifugal,
 Vane, Coalescing, Multi-Cyclone
Strainers: Y-Pattern, Simplex and Duplex Basket, Thimble, Inline
Flexible Hose: Braided/Corrugated Metal
Expansion Joints
Strainers: Simplex and Duplex
 Transfer Valves
ASME Filter Vessels; Filter Elements,
Traps: Inverted Bucket, Floating Disc, Low Pressure,
Non-Electric Fluid Recovery Pumps
Pipeline Accessories
Sight Flow Indicators: Plain, Flapper, Rotary, Drip,
 Flutter, Tubular
LED Tank Lights, Sight Windows, Eductors, Sanitary Units
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Steam Conditioning
Turbine Bypass Systems
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