Boilers: Packaged; D, O, A Styles, Field Erected Solid Fuel, Waste Fuel Fired; Heat Recovery Boilers, Traveling Grate Stokers, Rental Boilers
Eductors, Jet Pump, Injectors, Tank Mixing
Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Heat Recovery, Heat Transfer Products, Exhaust Catalytic Silencers
ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication,
Skid Assemblies,
Driers: Deliquescent, Refrigerated, Heated
 and Heatless
2021_sepco003008.jpg 2021_sepco003007.jpg
Burners: Process, Power, and Duct
Gas and Liquid Flares, Flare Gas Recovery systems,
Pilots, Igniters, Scanners, Flame Monitors, Controls and Management systems.
Dampers: Butterfly, Louver, Guillotine
Expansion joints: Metal Bellows, Fabric, Rubber, PTFE
Metal Hoses
Engineered Products