Engineered Equipment Manufacturers

SEPCO is honored to have the opportunity to work with the following firms and offer their products to our Customers.
Serving Power, Process and Institutional Customers
(in alphabetical order)
Package Boilers: D, O, A Styles; Field Erected Solid Fuel ; Waste Fuel Fired; Heat Recovery Boilers; Traveling Grate Stokers; Rental Boilers
Exhaust Silencers; Exhaust Heat Recovery; Heat Transfer Products; Exhaust Catalytic Silencers
Retractable and Rotary Sootblowers; Replacement Parts; Inventory Management; Control System Update; Maintenance Services and Rebuilds
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ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication; Skid Assemblies;
Driers: Deliquescent, Refrigerated, Heated and Heatless
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Supporting Copes-Vulcan Sootblowers
Eductors, Jet Pump, Injectors, Tank Mixing
SEPCO Line Card